First Contact

Sightings began in the last months of 2010, at first no one paid attention to them, dismissing reports as nothing but pranks or delusions of fans of conspiracy theories, but by December of that year, they gained the attention of everyone in the world, major news outlets began covering what was happening and people began paying attention to it, they couldn’t believe what was happening. At long last, the question of whether or not humans were alone in the universe was answered. All day, T.V. shows, radio stations and internet news sites were filled with pictures, and videos of the weird machines that hovered across most nations, government leaders met in secret to discuss possible actions depending on different scenarios, and while this happened those unknown things remained silent, floating,  until the first day of January 2011, when they all suddenly vanished leaving no trace of their presence, for a while this attracted the attention of everyone, public and private meetings were held to discuss the possible implications of such an event. But after some months, people forgot about it, but world leaders remained cautious, creating programs to use satellites and antennas to keep watch, but they had underestimated this threat.

By the time they noticed the anomaly it was already too late, when their sensors noticed something wrong in the vicinity of planet earth it became apparent that those things had returned. And this time it became apparent that their intentions where not to establish contact or to keep a silent watch over us.

Before the event, many people had been filing reports of strange creatures spotted in the outskirts of rural towns and small cities, again, these were dismissed by the general public and media, mainly due to the similarities between the reports of these creatures and “reports” of “big foot”. These things were described as humanoid in appearance, with longer than normal arms and at least 7’ high, with a skin that resembled copper.

With time, reports became more frequent, and they were no longer limited to small towns, now, people from major cities, Ney York, Paris, London, Tokyo, and others were also reporting sightings. When they finally revealed themselves it was in small groups, of no more than 4 of those things, they began with border towns, places far away from big cities, isolated communities that weren’t able to communicate what had happened to them. Survivors that managed to reach nearby cities warned of an oncoming terror, these creatures had begun their attack, armies around the word mobilized to protect as many cities as possible, and though the first battles ended in victory for humans (as menacing as these creatures looked, they were still vulnerable to human weapons), the tide soon turned and their numbers increased dramatically, it was as though they had been testing us so far, readying their forces for the main attack. For when their numbers increased, and their weapons became more powerful, human forces didn’t last long, overnight most of the soldiers deployed were killed, and the cities exterminated except for a few hundreds of survivors.

And then the attacks stopped, no one knew why, they just stopped, authorities used this opportunity to lead civilians into underground shelters built with the purpose of saving lives during a nuclear war, they nor sheltered those who had survived the horror that befell humanity. Not all were that lucky though, many people were left behind. And others were killed once the attacks resumed. Government leaders fled to their own shelters, and army forces took shelter in secret bases around the world.

For months humanity waited underground, waiting as one by one their shelters were found and destroyed, watching the video feeds from security cameras that showed these things move, like machines, killing everything, without showing any signs of purpose, they just moved, killed, and continued.

But the world wasn’t ready to be exterminated yet, over time, military and civilian forces organized scouting parties, that were able to retrieve pieces of alien technology, sometimes, they even returned with one or two alien corpses, scientists immediately began to study, both of these things, and with time they found out more about this enemy, they were tall, their legs allowed them to jump far more than any human could ever hope to. But they had weaknesses, they were vulnerable to standard human weaponry, not only firearms, but anything from a bat to a sledgehammer could be used to kill them, their strength lied in numbers, in the terror they inspired, and in the fact that they were ruthless and effective. Their speed was also above human average, but their size made it hard for them to realize fine movements. Humans decided to gamble everything in a strategy that may spell victory for them, but it could also result in failure and death to everyone.

They chose groups of gifted individuals, people whose athletic abilities had allowed them to escape safely, and trained them in the use of different firearms, they would take the fight to mankind’s enemies, they would take back the cities, and they would do so with the help of new technologies developed using what was recovered. This allowed for vehicles to move undetected by the enemy.

And so it was, mankind turned the tide of battle again, a few battles were won, and this proved that the new strategy worked. Over time, refugees moved back to the surface, where they built fortresses capable of repelling attacks. They used the knowledge they had gained about the alien’s physiology to build their new homes in a way that prevented free movement for those things, while allowing humans to easily escape and defend them.

Small resistance groups that had managed to stay hidden all this time now joined forces with the newly formed army, and now, mankind could once again live on the surface, combat continued for a long time, with no signs of it ever stopping, it had, apparently, reached a stalemate, with both sides now on a relative equal ground.

Reports came in, from resistance groups, about small towns where survivors lived that were under attack, and so humans mobilized their new “weapons” once again, when the first squad sent there arrived, they could see resistance members along with civilians being chased and killed by the creatures, one of the soldiers being transported in the new model of VTOL, designed for incursions in alien territory, couldn’t wait until they had reached the landing zone, he jumped down while they were flying above one of the houses that had been partially destroyed and began the assault by himself, he couldn’t wait anymore, he had to do something, he had to win.

And then the sound of an alarm began echoing in his head, at first distant, it became clearer every second, until he realized what was happening, he opened his eyes, looked to his clock and saw the time, he was now late for work, standing up he forgot about the dream he was part of, took a shower, got dressed, and then left, ready for the speech he would have to hear from his boss.

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