Diary Part One

Professor Daniel Henderson was a good friend of mine, we met four years ago, during one of my conferences on psychology and how social media affected society.  After the conference, he approached me and commented on my work, criticizing certain aspects of it, but overall, he had liked it. Later that day I received an invitation from him to join him in a small bar close to the hotel I was staying in.

We talked about many things, until, at a certain point, one of us (alcohol won’t let me remember who it was) mentioned certain studies on the psychology of the occult, it was then that we realized we share an interest in such a topic. We continued talking about it for hours, until we had to move to my hotel room because the bar was closing. He talked about how, besides the many psychological studies on the subject, he was attracted to the works of H.P. Lovecraft and other similar authors thanks to the techniques they used in their stories. I replied that I was also a fan of his works however I preferred authors like Stephen King, though he didn’t seem to pay attention to this.

The next morning we went our separate ways, he returned to his work and I resumed my search for work (I had been notified of the fact that I had been fired of my previous job before I parted gave that conference) , maybe a local university would accept me. We remained in touch with each other via e-mails in which we discussed about our work and more. He told me about how, one of his friends, and archeologist, had made some interesting discoveries in some ruins located in the Greek countryside, after that his e-mails stopped for a while, but since I was very busy with my newfound job (I had been accepted at a local university, as a teacher)  I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Until, a couple of months later I received a new message from him, it said something about how, not everything we deem fake is such, how, even stuff that we know is fiction may sometimes, be far more real than what we can imagine. While I was surprised at such a message, it didn’t take long before my mind went back to work related things, so I didn’t reply to his message.

The next day received another message, this one mentioned some things about a story called “The Hounds of Tindalos”, the name seemed familiar so I decided to search for it online, turns out, I had it, it was hidden inside one of my Lovecraft anthologies, out of curiosity, and to try and understand what was my friend talking about I decided to read it.

After I finished it I ran to my PC and opened his last message,  I can’t describe how I felt at that moment, I was hoping that it was all a bad joke, his message mentioned that he had, with help from his archeologist friend and some other people, managed to find the dimension in which these things lived.  I messaged him countless times but I never got a reply, that night I couldn’t sleep.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to work the next day so I focused on trying to contact my friend, but before I could do so, he replied to one of the many e-mails I sent to him, I was relieved by what he said, explaining that it had been a mistake, he intended to save that as part of a work of fiction he was working on, but had instead placed it on an e-mail that was sent to me, he apologized for not responding to my attempts to contact him and he told me that because of his work and the fact that there had been a power outage in his area he wasn’t able to reply on time.

After that, for the next 3 or 4 weeks I got so absorbed by my work and other personal projects that I didn’t have contact with any of my friends, including the professor, and on my first free day in weeks I received a package that contained a small flash drive, and a handwritten diary, the all had the name Daniel Henderson on them.


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