What can I say about me and this site, well, first of all, I’ve been thinking about something like this for a while now, a place to post and share the stuff I like to write, and that allows others to read, comment, criticize, and/or enjoy what I do.

Not everything here will be completely original and different, so I guess I should name some of my influences here, just in case you are wondering about stuff like that:

For authors, H.P. Lovecraft would be my main inspiration, I like his style of horror, specially since these days “horror” is nothing more than blood and guts flying everywhere, he had a more psychological approach to horror and I love that. Many other authors like Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch and August Derleth are also among my favorites. There are many more that I can’t remember right now from different genres, but in general, horror and science fiction are my favorite genres when it comes to books.


Of course, not only books inspired me, I’m also a fan of anime, manga, videogames, and of course, the Metal genre (and sub-genres) of music, I’ll try to simplify it, in anime and manga my favorite genres are Mecha, Science fiction, Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance (yes you read that part correctly, it does say Romance), and possibly Harem if you count that as a genre 😛

You will most certainly notice those and probably more influences in what I write, since I think that everything that happens around us affects us in some sort of way, however, I hope that the way I have of writing things and expressing my ideas will add a unique touch that will help you enjoy what will be posted here.


If at some point in time this place grows enough and people feel like sharing their stuff here I’ll think about it, I wouldn’t mind that honestly, and that would mean more variety and more updates too!


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